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Ventec VT-47

  • Ventec VT-47 fabricated through latest equipment
  • Full range of high-quality Ventec VT-47
  • Affordable and competitive price Ventec VT-47
  • Excelentes serviços pós-venda

Informações Gerais da Ventec VT-47

• High Tg FR4.0
• Phenolic Cure System & Lead Free Compatible
•Excellent Thermal Reliability
• CAF Resistance
• UV Blocking
•Low Z-CTE

PCB Taconic tly-5A

Disponibilidade do Ventec VT-47

• Core Thickness: 0.002” (0.05mm) to 0.200” (5mm), available in sheet or panel form.
•Copper Foil: 1/4oz to 12oz
•Prepregs are available in roll or panel form
• E-Glass styles: 7628, 1506, 1500, 2113, 2313, 3313, 2116, 1080, 1086, 1078, 106 &1067, etc.

Storage conditions and shelf life of Ventec VT-47

•The prepreg exceeding shelf time should be retested.
•Take care in handling thin core laminates as they are easily damaged.

•If the prepreg is not consumed within 48hrs after opening the •acuum package, it is recommended that the bags be resealed.
•Material is available in both long and short grain. The grain direction is indicated on the label with an arrow.


Ventec VT-47 description

Venture is a trusted supplier of Ventec VT-47 in China for more than 10 years. Our Ventec VT-47 manufactured through advancements of technology. We are equipped with the latest tools, equipment, and production facilities. We continue to improve and make innovations in order to supply you with the highest-quality Ventec VT-47. We guarantee that our Ventec VT-47 will suit your needs and requirements.

Your Leading Ventec VT-47 Supplier in China

If you are looking for a top-quality Ventec VT-47, you can rely on Venture! We manufacture Ventec VT-47 that is a high Tg FR4.

Our Ventec VT-47 is also manufactured with lead-free compatibility and phenolic cure system for a more optimized solution.

Additionally, we designed Ventec VT-47 with superior thermal reliability. Besides, Venture manufactures Ventec VT-47 with excellent CAF resistance.

To give you the best performance you need, our Ventec VT-47 is equipped with excellent UV blocking and superior Low Z-CTE.

Ventec VT-47 article

Because of that, our Ventec VT-47 can be suitable for the following applications:

  • Computador
  • equipamentos de comunicação
  • Instrumentação
  • Precise apparatus and instrument
  • servidor
  • router
  • LED forward lightning
  • Prod. Médicos
  • Automotivo

Venture’s Ventec VT-47 prepregs are also perfect for dielectrics in pillar and pedestal IMS/MPCB technology.

Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or electronic engineer looking for a trusted manufacturer of Ventec VT-47, you don’t need to look further! Venture can provide your needs! We are a professional supplier of Ventec VT-47 in China for more than 10 years!

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Ventec VT-47: O guia definitivo de perguntas frequentes


Let me help you choose high-performance Ventec VT-47 laminate by exploring all the vital aspects you need to know about this PCB material.

From classification, features, properties, to uses, you will find all vital information right here.

So, if you want to be an expert in this Ventec material, read this guide.

What is the Ventec VT-47?

Material PCB Ventec

Material PCB Ventec

You find the Ventec VT-47 is furnished with materials with a high temperature of the glass transition.

Consequently, you can effectively employ Ventec VT-47 laminates in applications with high operating temperatures.

Are there Variations of the Ventec VT-47?

You will find two variations of the Ventec VT-47 that are manufactured with different capabilities.

The VT-47 types find use in different applications with diverse performance output.

These two types of Ventec VT-47 are:

  • VT-47 CCL/Laminate
  • VT-47 PP/Pré-impregnado

You find the VT-47 CCL/Laminate is copper-clad structurally distinguishing it from the VT-47 PP/Prepreg.

Conversely, the VT-47 PP/Prepreg is a prepreg that employs material with either low flow or no flow properties.

What are the Features of Ventec VT-47?

You find many desirable features with the Ventec VT-47 Laminate/Prepreg that allow their wide use in Fabricação de PCB.

Some of the significant features include:

  • Ventec VT-47 Laminates/Prepregs have a high glass transition temperature.
  • You find Ventec VT-47 has enhanced bonding strength allowing its use in montagem sem chumbo.
  • A phenolic curing system is employed for Ventec VT-47.
  • VT-47 Laminates/Prepreg has an impressive thermal performance.
  • Using VT-47 allows you effective Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) resistance.
  • Your Ventec VT-47 can block UltraViolet radiation.
  • You experience low expansion along the z-axis when using Ventec VT-47 in high temperatures.
  • When laminating Ventec VT-47, you experience a constant regulated flow.

Where Can you Use Ventec VT-47?

You use Ventec VT-47 in the construction of printed circuit boards for various applications.

Consequently, you will find this product employed in wiring boards across various electronic equipment such as:

  • Computers and Servers
  • equipamento de telecomunicação
  • Electronic units in the automotive industry.
  • Equipamento médico
  • Precision instruments and tools

What Thicknesses are Available for Ventec VT-47?

The thickness of Ventec VT-47 allows you to determine the right fit for your application.

For instance, when used in PCB’s for miniaturized devices, you will require a thin Ventec VT-47.

You will find Ventec VT-47 with a wide range of thicknesses.

A Ventec laminate can have a core as thin as a fraction of a millimeter to half a centimeter.

In What Form are Ventec VT-47 Products Furnished?

The form in which Ventec VT-47 products are provided is dependent on the volume required.

You find the VT-47 can be made for Protótipos de PCB and large production batches for mass use.

There are two common forms in which you will find Ventec VT-47: sheet form or panel form. When intended for a prototype, the Ventec VT-47 is usually provided in sheet form as a single piece.

You find Ventec VT-47 provided in panel form for large production batches.

A panel allows you to furnish many laminates on a single piece reducing the overall cost per laminate.

What Copper Weights can be Used for the Ventec VT-47 Laminate?

Material PCB Ventec

Material PCB Ventec

You will find the Ventec VT-47 CCL/Laminate with a copper film in their construction.

A common parameter of the copper film used is the weight or thickness of the film given in ounces (oz).

When making these laminates, you can employ copper films with varying weights depending on the application’s needs.

For large power needs, you will find the Ventec VT-47 CCL/ Laminates employed with larger thicknesses hence weight.

Common copper foils used in these laminates have weights ranging from a quarter an ounce to twelve ounces.

The Ventec VT-47 laminates with copper foils with low oz are typically employed for standard usage with low power output.

Are Ventec VT-47 PP/ Prepregs available in Roll Form?

Sim, eles estão.

You can get Ventec VT-47 PP/ Prepregs in roll form as well as panel form.

Providing the VT-47 prepregs in roll form is economical for use in the large scale production of PCBs.

Having the VT-47 prepreg in roll form allows for a faster PCB manufacturing process too.

VT-47 Prepreg panels are expedient in medium-scale production allowing multiple laminates to be cut from a single panel.

What is the Difference Between Low-Flow and No-Flow prepreg in VT-47 Prepregs?

You note that the identification of prepregs is defined by their flow-ability which speaks to their viscosity property.

Also, you will find two offerings of Ventec VT-47 prepregs available namely, no-flow and low-flow.

You find low-flow and no-flow Ventec VT-47 prepregs with controlled viscosities that influence the lamination process.

Low-flow prepreg is made to have a reduced flow rate whereas no-flow prepreg is made to have no flow at all.

You can use the low-flow VT-47 prepreg in the lamination of Flexi-rigid boards.

Why is Reverse Treated Copper commonly used for Ventec VT-47 Laminates with Thin Cores?

Other than reverse treated copper, you have the choice of double-side treated copper for use in Ventec VT-47 Laminates.

While both offer effective performance, laminates with cores less than 0.125 mm work better with reverse treated copper foils.

You note the advantage of using reverse treated copper foil for such laminates is the reduced profile with lower peel strength.

Compared to standard copper films, the reverse treated copper foil has a peel strength figure 0.35Kg/m lower.

Can you use the Ventec VT-47 for Multilayer Board Construction?

Ventec Laminate PCB

Ventec Laminate PCB Material

You find different printed wiring board construction models dictated mainly by the application needs and cost.

Common boards used for simple wiring applications are usually single-sided boards.

Additionally, you will find wiring boards with double-sided configuration when you have a large component density.

PCB multicamada constructions are usually for complex wiring constructions such as where signal integrity and thermal management are integral.

You can use the Ventec VT-47 Laminates/Prepregs in the construction of all the above-named board configurations.

Whether it is a single-sided, double-sided, or multilayer board, you can employ VT-47 in their construction.

How does the Shelf Life of Ventec VT-47 Laminates and Prepreg compare?

You find the shelf life of the Ventec VT-47 is greatly affected by the conditions of storage.

The main factors you monitor in the storage conditions of VT-47 are temperature and relative humidity.

Temperature is a measure of hotness or coldness in the environment in which you store your Ventec VT-47.

On the other hand, relative humidity refers to the moisture content in the same environment for instance a warehouse.

You observe that the shelf life of Ventec VT-47 Laminates and Prepregs differ depending on the conditions of storage.

Also, you can achieve a three-month shelf life for VT-47 Prepregs at below 23 0C and relative humidity lower than 55%.

Alternatively, six-month shelf life is possible for VT-47 Prepregs with temperatures below 5 0C and no relative humidity.

Contrariwise, a VT-47 Laminate can be kept for up to 24 months in airproof packaging at room temperature.

How do you Test the Flammability of Ventec VT-47 Laminates?

Flammability is a material property determined by igniting the material and observing how long it combusts before extinguishing.

The flammability of Ventec VT-47 is significant due to the heat-intensive nature of some applications.

You find some applications where Ventec VT-47 is used to have large power demands and consequently large heat dissipations.

Consequently, flammability helps you realize the ramifications of such an environment to your Ventec VT-47 beforehand.

Also, you carry out a flammability test for Ventec VT-47 by using a specimen size of five inches by half an inch.

You extract this specimen from a Ventec VT-47 with the smallest allowed thickness.

Depending on the application, the classification you provide for the Ventec VT-47 will vary.

Applications with higher thermal dissipations will require the Ventec VT-47 to be the most flame-retardant and the opposite is true.

You subject the specimen to flames with different intensities dictated by the source of ignition.

You then note the time taken for the specimen to combust and eventually extinguish for each ignition.

For you to achieve a higher classification, you employ more intense ignition sources to increase the flame’s potency.

What are the Press Conditions for Ventec VT-47?

You make Ventec VT-47 via a lamination process that presses together the distinct layers under specific pressing conditions.

Besides, you find the conditions facilitating the pressing process are significant in ensuring the interlayer bond is strong.

The conditions that you find essential for good press for Ventec VT-47 are:

  • The rate at which the material is heated is maintained within manageable levels.

You find it maintained between 1.5-3 0C/min for automated press and between 3-6 0C/min for the manual press.

  • A curing temperature of over 185 0C with a curing period of over sixty minutes.
  • The pressure in the laminating chamber should be equal to or greater than 300 psi.
  • There is continuous vacuuming until the material temperature exceeds 140 0

What is the Temperature of Glass Transition for Ventec VT-47?

Ventec VT-47 Laminates/Prepregs have a relatively high temperature of the glass transition.

The temperature of glass transition is that at which the VT-47 softens acquiring glass-like properties.

For Ventec VT-47, you will observe the temperature of glass transition at about 170 0C.

However, you are more likely to experience a glass transition of VT-47 at 180 0C.

Do Ventec VT-47 Products Experience Thermal Stress?

When working with electronic products, you observe thermal stress as an issue that is addressed by the choice of material.

Thermal stress occurs as a result of the accumulation of generated heat on a surface resulting in a temperature rise.

You find a major cause of heat dissipation in wiring boards to be the amount of current conducted.

Consequently, to stave off the undesired effects of thermal stress, you need a thermal management system in place.

When working with Ventec VT-47, you note that thermal stress can be experienced when temperatures exceed 288 0C.

There is a need to intervene as when the temperature is sustained for over ten seconds, chances of failure increase.

Can the Temperature of Glass Transition Affect the Z-axis CTE of Ventec VT-47?

The coefficient of thermal expansion is an expression of the response of a material to temperature changes.

You can express the z-axis thermal coefficient of expansion before and after the temperature of glass transition.

You find the change in the z-axis before the temperature of glass transition is achieved to be smaller than after.

Consequently, a Ventec VT-47 will exhibit more significant dimensional change when the temperature exceeds that of the glass transition.

What is Volume and Surface Resistivity in Ventec VT-47 compare?

You determine that surface resistivity and volume resistivity as expressions of a non-conductive material’s resistance to leakage current.

Surface resistivity is specific to the resistance exhibited on the material’s surface whereas volume resistivity highlights resistance through the material.

You note Ventec VT-47 is employed as a dielectric layer in PCB construction required for electrical isolation.

Also, you find Ventec VT-47 to be with high surface and volume resistivity to minimize the penetration of leakage current.

You find resistivity and leakage current to be indirectly related hence a higher resistivity amounts to a lower leakage current.

Consequently, when VT-47 is made with high resistivity, you note its isolation performance is impressive due to reduced leakage current.

Does Moisture affect the Electrical Performance of Ventec VT-47?

Ventec PCB

Ventec PCB

You employ Ventec V-47 in wiring board construction as a core providing electrical isolation for the conductive copper layer.

You find VT-47 possesses high surface resistivity preventing entry of leakage current that can initiate current movements.

However, when you expose it to moisture content, the resistivity of the VT-47 is impaired allowing passage of current.

Moisture ionizes creating a path for the leaked current interfering with the non-conductive property of the VT-47.

You, therefore, find it imperative to make Ventec VT-47 with low moisture absorption capability.

A low absorption rate of moisture allows the VT-47 to maintain its poor conductivity.

What are some of the Drilling Parameters useful for Ventec VT-47?

Drilling is an important fabrication aspect of Ventec VT-47 which you perform with high precision and is expensive.

You find drilling allows holes designed for component placement and interlayer passage to be bored.

Also, you find automated drilling procedures necessary for Ventec VT-47 as the process is heavily controlled and monitored.

Additionally, when you use drill bits with undercutting, you can achieve impressive hole quality, especially for small holes.

Important parameters when carrying out the drilling process are:

  • Speed of the spindle
  • Rate of feed
  • Rate of retraction
  • Chip load

At Venture Electronics, we help you choose the right Ventec material.

Fale conosco hoje mesmo for all your Ventec VT-47 PCB material requirements.

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