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Shengyi S1000-2

  • Excellent quality Shengyi S1000-2
  • Broad range of Shengyi S1000-2
  • Professional manufacturer of Shengyi S1000-2
  • More than 10 years of Shengyi S1000-2 manufacturing experience

1.What is the difference between Shengyi S1141 and Shengyi S1000-2 ?

We need to choose the right material according to the product needs when choosing the plate.
S1141 is also a FR-4.0 general TG sheet (tg≥130) and has similar properties.

campare with stander TG of S1141,S1000-2 belong to high TG,with better performance, high temperature resistance and high tensile strength of the sheet.


2.Why purchase the Shengyi S1000-2 from China ?

●China is the biggest material manufacturer of Shenhgyi in the globle .

●You will spend less money to get high-quality S100-02 because of the Cheap labor costs and material prices

●Although the cost is low, but the labor force has rich experience and strict quality control, advanced equipment.

●With convenient transportation, we can provide rail transportation, sea transportation, and air transportation (FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT), so that you can receive high quality matérias-primas without leaving the country.

3.What are the Classification of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates?

You can classify the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates according to different features.

Here are some of the modes of classification for Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

●Classification in accordance to the reinforced materials
●Classification according to the types of resin
●Classification according to the properties of flame retardance.


Shengyi S1000-2 description

We designed Shengyi S1000-2 with a lead-free compatible FR-4 laminate feature. It is also manufactured with high-heat resistance for an optimal performance level. Aside from that, our Shengyi S1000-2 is equipped with the following features to give you the best performance you need:

  • Baixa absorção de água
  • Excellent anti-CAF performance
  • Excelente confiabilidade através do furo

Your Leading Shengyi S1000-2 Supplier in China

Shengyi S1000-2 article 1

Venture is committed to providing excellent quality products along with the best deals and values. Because of that, we became the best supplier of Shengyi S1000-2 in China.

We manufacture Shengyi S1000-2 that offers excellent thermal resistance. It is also manufactured with the following features:

  • Lead-free compatible FR-4 laminate
  • Baixa absorção de água
  • Tg 170˚C DSC
  • Excellent anti-CAF performance
  • High-heat resistance
  • Excelente confiabilidade através do furo
  • Lower Z-axis CTE
  • UV blocking/ AOI compatible

Shengyi S1000-2 article 2

With its optimized features, our Shengyi S1000-2 is perfectly suitable for the following applications:

  • High-layer and aspect ratio PCB
  • equipamentos de comunicação
  • Computador
  • router
  • Precise instrument and apparatus; and more

Indeed, Venture’s Shengyi S1000-2 will suit your specifications and requirements!

For more than 10 years of providing high-quality Shengyi S1000-2, Venture became the most trusted manufacturer and supplier in China!

We offer broad range of Shengyi S1000-2 capabilities to match all your PCB needs. We also offer competitive rates and flexible payment terms.

We do not have minimum order required for your Shengyi S1000-2. If you have large or single quantity Shengyi S1000-2 orders, you will be entertained by our customer service team.

At Venture, you can also consider domestic fabricators for a quick shipping option. We are ready to work with you to make a product that will boost your business and project!

Choose Venture as your Shengyi S1000-2 manufacturer! Contact us today!

Shengyi S1000 2 Laminates: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


If you have any questions about Shengyi S1000-2 laminates, the answer is right in this guide.

From basic properties, applications, uses and quality certification – you will find everything about these Shengyi laminates here.

Continue lendo para aprender mais.

What are Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates?

Shengyi S1000-2 laminates are special types of laminates that you can use to bond different layers of PCBs multicamadas.

It helps in creating a lasting bond while protecting the PCB layers from excess heat and moisture effects.

PCB multicamada

 PCB multicamada

What are the Benefits of Using Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates?

Shengyi S1000-2

Shengyi S1000-2

Well, there are numerous benefits that you will derive from using the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

In other words, these benefits ought to compel you or bring you closer to purchasing Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

Here are the main benefits of using Shengyi S1000-2 laminates on your printed circuit boards.

Desempenho Versátil

You can use the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates on a wide variety of applications as it can perform differently on different applications.

In other words, it is a constituent part of different types of printed circuit boards that perform wide variety of functions.

Faster Processing Modes

You will also enjoy the ease and the speed of processing which comes with Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

Implying that, the printed circuit board with Shengyi S1000-2 laminates have a higher speed of operation in comparison to others.

Altamente Durável

You will use the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates for a very long time as they are highly durable.

They have the ability to withstand tricky environmental conditions such as extreme heat or moisture conditions.

Fácil de projetar

You can also enjoy the freedom or ease of designing the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates in any mode you feel like.

In other words, you can come up with different custom designs that will work best for your application specifications.

Resistente Tempo

In addition to durable features, you will also enjoy the fact that Shengyi S1000-2 laminates are weather resistant.

Implying that you can use the laminates under extreme weather conditions such as sunshine and rain without damages.

What are the Features of the Shengyi-S1000-2 Laminates?

You have to be very keen when identifying the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates to avoid unnecessary confusion.

With the help of the Shengyi S1000-2 features, you will be in a better position to know the right type of laminates.

Here are the main features of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates that you ought to look at.

Compatibilidade sem chumbo

Shengyi S1000-2 laminates are compatible with lead free FR4 laminate materials thus making them safer for use.

In other words, you will use Shengyi S1000-2 laminates without worrying about hazardous substances or environmental pollution.

High Tg and UV Resistance

It also has very high glass transition temperatures that can reach up to highs of 170 degrees Celsius.

Apart from that, it has special features that help in blocking the effects of ultra violet rays on the printed circuit boards.

Grande resistência ao calor

You can also use Shengyi S1000-2 laminates in high temperature applications without worry of destruction.

This is because the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates have great heat resistance characteristics that maintain their stability.

Excelente confiabilidade de passagem

You can also be confident enough that you will drill through holes into the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates for component mounting.

It allows you to drill different types and sizes of holes into the laminate thus making them highly compatible.

Baixas taxas de absorção de água

Shengyi S1000-2 laminates exhibit great features such as low rates of water absorption which prevents entry of water.

In other words, you can use the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates in applications that are moisture laden with minimal worry.

What are the Applications of the Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates?

In accordance to the above features, you can use Shengyi S1000-2 laminates to perform various function on different applications.

Here are some of the main applications where Shengyi S1000-2 laminates come in handy.

High Aspect Ratio

You will use the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates in applications of high aspect ratio especially on multilayer printed circuit boards.

Computer Communication Equipment

Shengyi S1000-2 laminates also come in handy in the modern communication equipment such as computers and cell phones.

It is the reason why you can have water proof cell phones that can operate well under water or wet conditions.

Precise of Router Equipment

You will also find the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates on routers such as internet connection routers.

It has special features such as water and dust resistance making them most suitable laminates for use in harsh environments.

Indústria automobilística

You can also place the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates on your automobiles that move from one place to another.

It assists in enhancing the performance of the automobile features while protecting them from potential harm.

Which Properties of Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates can You Test?

You can classify the properties of Shengyi laminates as physical properties, mechanical properties, electrical properties or chemical properties.

In addition to that classification, there are specific aspects of these classes that you can test on Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

Here are the main properties of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates that you can test.

Temperatura de transição de vidro (Tg)

You can test the glass transition temperature to determine the temperature where materials will change from one state to another.

In this case, you will test the temperature that will transform Shengyi S1000-2 laminates from rigid to flexible state.


You will also test the state or conditions which will compel Shengyi S1000-2 laminates to catch fire.

It will give more information on the maximum limits that you should reach with the laminates to avoid fires.

Volume and Surface Resistivity

You will test the ability of the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates to resist leakage of current on a surface or volume.

In other words, you will be testing the maximum volume of current that Shengyi S1000-2 laminates can hold without leaking.

Propriedades dielétricas

Here, you will test dielectric properties of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates such as dielectric constants or dielectric breakdown.

In other words, you will be testing the maximum dielectric strength that can lead to a dielectric breakdown.

Resistência ao Arco

Here, you will test the maximum force that you can use to bend Shengyi S1000-2 laminates without breaking.

You will use this information when placing Shengyi S1000-2 laminates on flexible or rigid-flex printed circuit boards.

How Do You Apply Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates on the Printed Circuit Board?

You can apply the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates in very simple steps with the help of lamination machines.

Since it works best for multilayer printed circuit boards, we are going to look at lamination of multilayer PCBs.

Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow to successfully lay Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

Primeiro Passo: Estágio de Preparação

First, you must have all the materials that you need for the lamination process ready.

Here, we will need a multilayer printed circuit board, Shengyi S1000-2 laminates and lamination machines among others.

Step Two: Placement of Laminate

With the materials in place, you will proceed with the arrangement of the materials.

You will place the layers of the printed circuit board on top of one another with the laminate in between.

In other words, you will sandwich the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates between the layers of the printed circuit boards.

Terceiro Passo: Processo de Laminação

As part of the lamination process, you will proceed to placing the multilayer printed circuit board in the lamination machine.

After that, you will set the machine to very high temperatures and pressure thus enhancing the bonding process.

In completion of that process, you will allow the laminate to dry under the high temperatures.

Step Four: Final Stage

Finally, as soon as you complete the drying process you will proceed to cooling of the printed circuit board.

You will proceed with the cooling process as you release pressure from the system at a slow rate.

Which Information Should You Provide When Purchasing Shengyi-S1000-2 Laminates?

There are specific details that you must provide when purchasing the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

With this information, you will be offering better explanations to identify the Shengyi S1000-2 laminate you need.

Implying that, when purchasing the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates, you should give the following details.

Dimensions of Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates

Here, you will be providing information on the different sizes of Shengyi s1000-2 laminates that you need.

You will provide information on the thickness as well as other important sizes of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

Materiais de folha de cobre

You must also provide information on the type of copper foil materials that you will need in terms of size.

How Does Shengyi S1000- 2 Laminate Compare to Shengyi S1000-2B Laminates?

8 layer Shengyi s1000-2

 8 Layer Shengyi S1000-2

You can either choose to use Shengyi S1000-2 laminates or the Shengyi S1000-2B laminates.

Since the names are too close, you might fail to understand each of them thus causing a confusion.

Here is a comparison between Shengyi S1000-2 laminates and the Shengyi S1000-2B.

Shengyi S1000-2

This is a Shengyi laminate which is lead free and is compatible to the FR-4 laminates.

It has a glass transition temperature of 170 degrees Celsius with ultra violet ray blocking capabilities.

In addition to that, it has very high temperature resistance as well as great through hole reliability.

What’s more it has very low Z axis CTE, great anti-CAF resistance, and lower rates of water absorption.

Shengyi S1000-2B

This type of Shengyi laminate is not lead free and not compatible with the FR-4 laminates.

Just like Shengyi S1000-2, this laminate also has a glass transition temperature of 170 degrees centigrade.

The main difference is the fact that Shengyi S1000-2B laminates have great PCB processability and adhesion properties.

What are the Best Conditions for Storage of Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates?

You have to store Shengyi S1000-2 laminates in the most conducive of environments to ensure that it lasts longer.

Implying that, you need to create safe and conducive storage conditions that will maintain integrity of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

Here are the best conditions that you have to maintain for proper storage of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

Temperature and Relative Humidity

Here, you will control the temperatures and relative humidity of the storage area in accordance to the time period.

In case you want to store the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates for 3 months, you will maintain temperature below 23 degrees centigrade.

You will also maintain the relative humidity of the store at less than 50 percent.

In case you are storing it for 6 months, you will maintain temperatures at less than 5 degrees centigrade.

As soon as you remove Shengyi S1000-2 laminates from the storage unit, you must normalize under room temperature for four hours.

You must also keep the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates away from moisture by wrapping it under damp proof materials.

Keeping it away from moisture will help in preventing the laminate from absorbing excess moisture thus maintaining bonding strength.

In addition to that, you must keep it away from strong light and Ultra violet light.

Which Properties Should You Consider When Choosing Shengyi S1000-2 laminates?

You have to be very specific about the type of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates that you want.

The best way of ensuring that you get the best type of Shengyi S1000-2 laminate is checking the defining properties.

Here are the main defining properties of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates that you have to consider.

Tolerância de temperatura

You must look at the temperature tolerance of the laminate in terms of glass transition temperature and decomposition temperature.

These parameters will depend greatly on the energy bindings within the resin system polymers making the laminate.

Propriedades térmicas

You should also have a look at the thermal properties of the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates such as thermal stress and flammability.

You will know the maximum and minimum limits of temperature that the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates can withstand.

Volume and Surface Resistivity

You should also know the limits where the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates will maintain current without leaking.

In this case, you will specify the maximum volume and surface resistivity according to your application demands.

Propriedades dielétricas

You must also consider looking at the dielectric properties in terms of dielectric constants and dielectric breakdown.

Here, you will know the dielectric limits which Shengyi S1000-2 laminates can maintain to accommodate flexible working conditions.

Dissipation Properties

You should also specify the dissipation properties such as dissipation constants (Dk) and dissipation factors (Df)

Laminate Strength

You should provide relevant details on how strong you want the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates to be.

In this case, you will have to consider the flexural strength as well as the peel strength of the laminates.

What are the Main Quality Certifications for the Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates?

You should also understand the significance of using high quality Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

For example, high quality Shengyi S1000-2 laminates are highly durable and will perform better than low quality.

You will be able to determine the quality of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates by looking at the quality certification.

Here are the main quality certifications of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates to consider.

  • Organização Internacional de Padrões ISO 9001:2015 e AS9100D
  • Certificado de Qualidade MIL-PRF-31032
  • Certificação de qualidade UL da placa PCB
  • 31032 GI Certificado de Qualidade de 8 camadas
  • Certificações de qualidade RoHS
  • Certificações de Qualidade IPC
  • Certificações de Qualidade TS-16949
  • IATF16949: Certificações de Qualidade de 2016

How Does Shengyi S1000-2 Compare to Shengyi 1000-2M?

Shengyi S1000-2 laminates and Shengyi-S1000-2M laminates share quite a number of similarities.

You can, however, choose to use one of the two depending on the type that fits your application requirements.

Here is a comparison between the Shengyi S1000-2 laminate and the Shengyi S1000-2M laminates.

Compatibilidade sem chumbo

You will note that both Shengyi S1000-2 and Shengyi S1000-2M have great compatibility to lead free applications.

Anti CAF Capability

In addition to that, both of them also have anti-CAF capabilities which prevents electromechanical corrosion processes thus increasing overall durability.

Confiabilidade Térmica

Depending on the application thermal requirements, both types of Shengyi laminates have great thermal reliability.

Through Hole Reliability

Shengyi S1000-2 and Shengyi S1000-2M have great through hole reliability capabilities for excellent mounting of the PCB components.

Do You Have Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates for Multiple Layer Printed Circuit Boards?

Yes, we do have Shengyi S1000-2 laminates that you can use to laminate multiple layer printed circuit boards.

In fact, we design the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates for the purpose of laminating the multilayer printed circuit boards.

What is the Significance of Dissipation Factors on Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates?

Well, as one of the most significant properties, you need to look at the dissipation factor of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

It is important to know more about the dissipation factor to understand the loss rate of the laminates.

Having this information will help you understand the quantity limits that Shengyi S1000-2 laminates can maintain.

You will understand better the rate at which the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates lose energy to prevent the loses.

What are the Main Physical Properties of Shengyi S1000-2 to Consider?

Shengyi S1000-2 laminates have various physical properties that you ought to pay close attention to.

There are two main physical properties of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates that you have to look at.

Here are the two main physical properties that you should pay close attention to.

Taxas de Absorção de Umidade

You have to look at the details about the moisture absorption rates on the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

In other words, you will know how to prevent moisture from affecting the operations of the printed circuit boards.

Densidade de Material

You must also understand the density of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates which will vary according to the application requirements.

Which Thermal Properties have Significant Effects on Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates?

Well, thermal properties Shengyi S1000-2 laminates also have a huge impact on the operations of the printed circuit boards.

There is a very high probability that you will be using the PCBs in different applications with varying temperature requirements.

Here are the main thermal properties that you have to look at when choosing Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

  • CTE Linear
  • Capacidade Calorífica Específica
  • Condutividade Térmica
  • Temperatura de transição do vidro
  • Decomposition temperatures
  • inflamabilidade

How Do the Mechanical Properties Affect Performance Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates?

Mechanical properties also have a great effect on the Shengyi S1000-2 laminates that you will choose.

It is a very important aspect because it will inform you how Shengyi S1000-2 laminates behave when you apply force.

The main mechanical properties of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates that you should look at are:

  • Modulus of Elasticity of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates such as 25.5 GPa or 30.3 GPa
  • Poisson Ratio of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates such as 0.14 and 0.16
  • Peel Strength of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates such as 1.23 kN/m or 1.58 kN/m
  • Flexural Strength of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates such as 288 degrees centigrade in 10 seconds

What are the Best Materials for Manufacturing of Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates?

There are different materials which you can use in the manufacturing process of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

These materials exhibit different properties thus the difference in performance of various Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

Here are the main materials that you will use in the manufacturing process of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates.

  • Epoxy Laminate Materials
  • Prepreg Laminate Materials
  • Copper Clad Materials

Which Factors Should You Consider to Improve the Design of the Shengyi S1000-2 Laminates?

Shengyi S1000-2

 Shengyi S1000-2

You can improve the design considerations of Shengyi S1000-2 laminates by looking at particular factors.

Here are some of the factors you ought to look at in order to increase or improve Shengyi S1000-2 laminate designs.

  • Proper Material Selection
  • Greater Overview Levels

In case you have any questions about Shengyi S1000-2 laminates, contact Venture Electronics team right now.

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