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Controlador PS4PCB

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PS4 Controller PCB Circuit Board Texture

In 2013, the named Sony Model CUH-ZCT1 PlayStation 4 Wireless Controller, also called the DualShock 4, is a wireless control pad for PlayStation devices. …

The devices has PS4 Controller PCB Circuit Board.The controller also included a headphone jack, a built-in Mono stereo, and a two-point touchpad.

peixe de água doce

How do I Clean My PS4 Circuit Board?

Sodium bicarbonate is an effective way to clean dirt with minimal risk of damaging the PCB board.

It is good at cleaning corrosion or residues that cannot be removed with simple methods such as brushes and distilled water.

PS4 Controller PCB Layout Guide

The PS4 Controller must be suitable in the hands of the player. The player must be hold on it, move the control sticks, and must be reach and press the buttons.

This way could be help you have a great Layout on Panel.The two-PCB format is one such example for reference

Guia de layout

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Venture PS4 controller PCBs use standard circuit board texture components. It comes with capacitors, resistors, transistors, etc. These common electronic components make up the bulk of your PCB.

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If you are looking for a high-quality PS4 controller PCB, then you are in the right place. We can offer different variations of PS4 controller PCB for your projects.

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  • PCBs with high tolerance standards
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All Venture PS4 controller PCB is certified and tested to different industry standards.

At Venture, we have PS4 controller PCB automation machines that will increase your PCB semiautomation equipment production. We use standalone router systems to route your PCBAs into independent assemblies, allowing you to accommodate and produce more PCBs.

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PS4 Controller PCB: The Ultimate FAQs Guide


In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about PS4 controller PCB.

So, before choosing your next PS4 controller PCB, read this guide.

What is PS4 Controller PCB?



PCB controlador PS4

 PCB controlador PS4

A PS4 controller PCB is a printed circuit board you employ in a PS4 controller.

You handle the PS4 controller with both hands operating functions like moving the analog sticks and pressing strategically located buttons. These functions are supported by a purposed designed PCB you refer to as the PS4 Controller PCB.

The features and functionality of the PS4 controller determine the properties of the PS4 Controller PCB’s layout, dimension and texture.

In the PS4 controller, you have a DualShock PCB that is the center of all user engagements.

You find the PS4 controller PCB has an LED indicator with a dual colour gaming inference if red and green. Green indicates video game full health whereas red indicates poor video game health.

You have standard computer logic alongside connectors and potentiometers in your PS4 controller PCB, the latter which control the analog sticks.

Additionally, you have a processor and connection ports such as the USB and network for communication with the console.

Also attached to the PS4 controller PCB is a battery package, a cooling fan and mounting brackets. You find several variations of the PS4 controller PCB’s with improved layouts, design and functionality.

Is there Difference between DualShock 4 Controller PCB and PS4 Controller PCB?

The DualShock 4 controller is the name given to the PS4 controller and consequently its respective PCB. While this controller PCB bears several similarities to the DualShock 3 Controller PCB, you find various novel features.

For instance, the DualShock 4 controller PCB supports a multi-touch capacitive pad that supports clickable action.

Additionally, with this controller PCB, you find support for motion detection exemplified by 3D features in several aspects of gameplay.

The DualShock 4 controller PCB also includes a non-removable lithium-ion battery that you can recharge. The battery has a voltage capacity of 3.7 V with an amperage of 1000 mAh.

Other features you find on the DualShock 4 controller PCB include connectors for input and output sources. These include the stereo headset jack and micro-USB port which comes in handy when charging.

Also supported on the DualShock 4 controller PCB is a mono speaker. Furthermore, the PS4 controller PCB design is such that the triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons are sensitive to pressure.

Which are the Various Versions of PS4 Controller PCB?

You find different versions for the PS4 controller PCB. There are actually seven different variations with slight modifications.

These PS4 controller PCB versions include:

JDM controller PCB

JDM Controller PCB

JDM-001 Controller PCB

The JDM-001 Controller PCB was the first version of the PS4 controller PCB upon roll out. This controller PCB has the least complex texture and is available in two colours: green or blue.

You find the button switches in the JDM-001 Controller PCB always set as active thus any ground connection makes them functional.

However, the L1 and R1 triggers require a 3.2 V voltage supply while the L2 and R2 require a PWM signal.

JDM-011 Controller PCB

While the JDM-011 Controller PCB resembles the JDM-001 Controller PCB, it has a smaller texture and slightly different layout.

However, you find the major point of departure as the LED and USB daughter board.

In the JDM-011 Controller PCB, the daughter board undergoes redesign furnishing it with a reduced connection count.

Furthermore, it also has a reduced shell which makes an equal swap or replacement impossible.

JDM-020 Controller PCB

The JDM-020 Controller PCB replaces the Fujitsu ARM chip with a Freescale one.

You also find this controller PCB pioneered the use of blind vias for connections to daughter boards and connectors.

In the JDM-020 Controller PCB, you have different via positions for the action buttons.

The square and circle buttons have vias at the top whereas the X and triangle buttons have vias at the bottom.

You also find the shell and texture of the daughter board of the JDM-020 Controller PCB updated.

In previous PS4 controller boards, you find the daughter board connected to the middle of the main board.

However, in the JDM-020 Controller PCB they are in two pieces connecting to the mainboard’s sides.

JDM-030 Controller PCB

In this PS4 controller PCB, you note further modifications on the shell and daughter board. Here, the daughter board is an independent PCB unit with a connection to the main board on the top left.

JDM-040, JDM-050 and JDM-055 Controller PCBs

These PS4 Controller PCBs have slight differences thus their bundling together. In these controller PCBs, you have vias for the buttons near the circuit board’s top right. These vias allow earth wiring to act as the buttons’ connections.

How do I know the JDM Version of my PS4 Controller PCB?

Checking the JDM version of your PS4 controller PCB is possible by inspecting the model number on your controller.

The description provides the generation your controller identifies with and hence the JDM version.

Given the five major JDM versions, with the fifth encompassing three different versions, you find five generations.

Furthermore, you can use the light bar in the touchpad to decipher the version.

For the first, second, and third generations corresponding to JDM versions 011, 011 and 020, the touchpad has no lightbar.

For the fourth and fifth generations corresponding to JDM versions 030, 040, 050 and 055, the touchpad has a lightbar.

PS4 PCB Controller

PS4 PCB Controller

What are the Main PS4 Controller PCB Components?

You find the following components on a PS4 Controller PCB:

PS4 PCB controller

PS4 PCB controller

Button, Triggers, and Directional Pad Switches

The switches for the buttons are within the button build rather than the circuit board. You find the switches are conductive plugs which hit the daughter board’s conductive leads whenever you press them.

This action causes a complete monitoring circuit that executes a logical function.

Analog Stick Modules

You find two analog sticks on a PS4 controller employed for navigation purposes.

The sticks are to the left and right of your controller with connection to the daughter board and main board respectively.

While the sticks are usually a complete set of modules, they are sometimes attached separately.

An analog stick module encompasses a sensor wheel and its housing, springs, a tact button and plastic stick.

Suporte da bateria

When you expose the shell of a PS4 controller, you can see the battery slot furnished from plastic.

The battery holder has a connection path to the texture of a PS4 Controller PCB via a plug.

Barra de Luzes

The lightbar is built into the PS4 Controller and increases game interaction for users. Attachment of the lightbar to the controller is via a clip cable connected to the main board.

Placa de montagem

The mounting plate provides support to the shell for the PS4 controller PCB.

This offers the PCB stability rather than directly attaching it to the shell.

Rumble Motors and Wheels

Rumble motors and wheels are useful in providing feedback features for the user during game interaction.

Each PS4 controller usually has a pair of rumble motors and wheels.

Speaker and Audio System

A speaker and audio system are essential for sound and communication with other users during gameplay.

The speaker and audio system on a PS4 controller PCB consists of a specific driver circuit for audio production.


The touchpad is stack in the middle of the PS4 controller allowing you gameplay control. Similarly, the assembly for the touchpad is central to the daughter board texture.

Porta de comunicação USB

Through the USB communication port, you can connect the PS4 controller to the console or other computer system.

It is through the USB port that you get to charge your controller’s battery.

The circuit board for the USB communication port employs standard components but customized for the game pad.


Like many other electronic devices, heating is an unavoidable occurrence on the circuit board. The PS4 controller PCB has a cooling fan built into the board to dissipate excess heat.

Bluetooth Wireless Antenna

The Bluetooth wireless antenna allows your PS4 controller to communicate with the console wirelessly.

The PS4 controller PCB therefore employs circuitry for this purpose.

Processador ARM

The PS4 controller PCB features an integrated circuit chip for the ARM processor that supports wireless functions.

The ARM processors form the core unit of the controller, operating all functions independently from the console.

Which are the Role of USB PCB of PS4 Controller PCB?

A PCB USB of the PS4 controller PCB has the following functions:

  • USB PCB provides circuitry for the PS4 controller’s charging station
  • Circuit board for the USB provides a link for connecting with a mini keyboard
  • USB circuitry can also allow connection of microphones and headsets for user communication

USB Port for PS4 PCB Controller

 USB Port for PS4 Controller PCB

What are the Factors to Consider when Purchasing PS4 Controller PCB Parts?

When buying parts for the PS4 controller PCB, you need to consider the following:

Peças de qualidade

Quality parts ensure their use in the PS4 controller PCB is reliable. You can get quality pats from veritable sellers.

High Tolerance Standards

You find the PS4 controller PCB intended for extended usage amounting to many hours. Therefore, your PS4 controller PCB needs to encompass circuitry that can tolerate the intense usage.

Entrega eficiente

When manufacturing a PS4 controller PCB, you need the parts delivered on time to prevent production delays.

Apoio ao cliente

Customer support refers to the extra services offered by vendors or manufacturers after sale such as installation and replacement. When purchasing parts for your PS4 controller PCB, you need dependable customer support from vendors or manufactures.

What is the PCB Type Used on PS4 Circuit Board?

The PCB type on a PS4 controller needs to tolerate prolonged use without breaking down. Consequently, a PS4 controller PCB needs to be robust with highly developed circuits.

The circuit board in a PS4 controller is a PCB flexível with a light but rigid build.

The rigid build makes it possible for the controller to bear the circuit and withstand vibrations and movements during gameplay.

You have an insulated layer positioned between the PCB and the controller shell during packaging.

However, all the components and gamepad buttons and triggers undergo soldering on the copper surface.

Furthermore, for wireless controllers, the PCB includes a wireless communication circuit usually under the control circuitry.

The extended circuitry including the wireless communication and control circuit includes a battery and antenna.

All the components of the PS4 controller fit suitably in the architecture of the PCB despite its compactness.

The buttons on the face of the controller connect mechanically to the circuit by pressing upon which they complete a circuit.

Is there Difference in PCB Design among the available Versions of PS4 Controller PCB?

Over the years, different models and designs of the PS4 controllers have surfaced with similar standard features but evolving circuitry.

Other times, the difference comes in the form of new features that make the controller more robust.

You note the difference in the several versions available of the PS4 controller PCB exemplified by the efficiency of the controls.

Furthermore, older PS4 controller PCBs employ simple board textures while recent boards employ pro-textures.

A pro circuit board texture has more connectors than a simple circuit board texture. Consequently, you achieve greater inputs with the pro-texture enhancing the gameplay experience.

Therefore, you find succeeding versions of the PS4 controller PCB have higher efficiency, durability and reliability.

Can you Use Multiple PS4 Controller PCBs in the Same Controller?

You can use multiple PS4 controller PCBs in the same controller. However, doing so can result in some problems if not well executed.

When using multiple PCBs in one controller, you connect the signal and ground connections of individual PCBs to similar controller terminals.

You can make the connection at different points of the controller terminal.

You can also link the multiple PCBs directly to each other at complementary points or congregate them to similar terminal.

Consequently, they will have full circuits with terminations at individual boards.

When furnishing multiple PCBs in a single controller you need to ensure complete separation of the signal and ground connections.

Otherwise, you will have engaged switches.

Furthermore, when linking multiple PCBs together, you connect their ground and voltage lines. This is essential since PS4 controller PCBs are fully integrated circuit that require power for proper functionality.

What is the Material used to make PS4 Controller PCB?

You make PCBs by applying a thin layer of conductive material over a layer of non-conductive material.

The non-conductive layer is the substrate and it provides electrical isolation especially where you have two conducting surfaces.

PS4 controller PCBs encompasses copper film bonded on a substrate of reinforced fiberglass or epoxy resin.

The copper film is where you fabricate the circuits for the PS4 controls by etching or plating in the desired formation.

You can coat the copper circuits with a tin-lead layer to reduce corrosion. Where you have contact fingers, you can add nickel and gold to enhance conductivity.

How do you perform Soldering on PS4 Controller PCB?

Before performing a soldering procedure on your PS4 controller PCB, you need to test the board by checking attachments.

You do this by connecting the ground terminal and evaluating the signal responses.

By executing this test task, you can identify areas of concern during the soldering process.

Upon highlighting a solder point, it should be separate from other points to prevent signals from engaging.

In soldering a PS4 controller PCB, you require a cuter for splitting solder wires and a stripper. You can employ an abrasive tool to help you expose the copper to attach the solder.

During the soldering process on a PS4 controller PCB, you can use the following approaches:

  • You can directly affix the wire to the conductive track on the PCB surface by forming an L-shape.
  • You can also bore a hole on the conductive path and secure a wire through it by soldering at the bottom. This method is however unfavorable where the board is double sided.
  • You can replace solder points with wires by heating the end external to the solder point and pulling. Thereafter, you can then insert the new wire as you heat while adding solder flux to prevent oxide formation.

Which Via Type does PS4 Controller PCB use?

Tipos de Vias

Tipos de Vias

A via is a conducive pathway in a printed circuit board that provides electrical connection between different board layers.

You have three common vias in PCBs namely; blind via, buried via and through-hole via.

A through-hole via connects external board layers and you can observe them from both board ends.

Alternately, a buried vias connects only internal layers and is thus hidden from view.

A blind via connects an external board layer to an internal one allowing you to see it from one end.

The PS4 controller PCB employs blind vias in its configuration connecting the main board to daughter boards and other circuitry.

Will PS4 Controller PCB also work in PS5 Controller?

You cannot use the PS4 controller PCB on a PS5 controller due to a difference in texture and design layout.

The PS5 controller PCB employs a DualSense layout while that of the PS4 controller PCB is DualShock.

Consequently, you find the PS4 controller PCB cannot support the advanced control features of the PS5 controller.

Does Custom PS4 Controller PCB attract more cost than Standard Types?

A custom PS4 controller PCB can attract more cost than a standard PS4 controller PCB.

You typically employ a custom PS4 controller PCB for use with PCs where the available converters cost a lot more.

However, you find a custom PS4 controller PCB is convenient and simple in configuration without many soldering aspects.

You can find a custom PS4 controller PCB with inbuilt strips and software capable of altering settings for buttons.

Why is Stranded Wire the Best for PS4 Controller PCB?

Stranded wire encompasses several wires with smaller threads joined to form a single wire. Stranded wire is best for the PS4 controller PCB because of its flexibility and fraying properties.

Due to its flexibility, you can easily twist stranded wire, while it is easier to work with during soldering.

Furthermore, using stranded wire ensures you achieve better connection when forming crimping terminals.

Additionally, a stranded wire has a wider bonding surface area during the soldering process. Moreover, you can enjoin a stranded wire to a solder to come up with a solid wire structure.

Are there Solderless PS4 Controller PCBs?

You can employ PS4 controller PCBs without soldering by fitting stripped wire into terminals employed by membrane switches.

You find these membrane switches lead to respective terminals employed for a particular function.

You can extract the most capable wire for solderless PS4 controller PCBs from a 24AWG solid wire. Sometimes, stripping of the wire ends is necessary to allow a proper fit.

Sometimes, angling the wires and membrane is necessary to secure the contact and adding a resistor makes this possible.

After insertion, you have to ensure the wires don’t detach by using long wires adding fastener and looping over the board.

Can you Modify and/or Replace PS4 Controller PCB Components?

PS4 PCB controller

 PS4 PCB controller

You can remove, modify and replace parts and components of the PS4 controller PCB.

However, the removal of some parts such as electrical components can be damaging causing the PS4 controller PCB to malfunction.

You can easily remove parts of the PCB such as the shoulders, analog stick plugs and motors. Furthermore, you adding smaller components can enhance the functioning of your PS4 controller.

Some of the components on a PS4 controller PCB you can replace include capacitors, diodes, IC chips, resistors and transistors.

Removing any of these components from their respective positions interrupts the signal path of the PCB resulting in malfunction.

For instance, the PS4 controller PCB employs variable resistors for the trigger buttons and analog sticks.

These special resistors use varying voltage amounts to elucidate signal differences that functionalize these controls.

When you remove a variable resistor, it reads zero voltage causing the controller to consider these buttons active.

For a successful removal and replacing procedure, you have to ensure there is no transmission o interference signals.

Do you supply PS4 Controller PCB Replacement Parts?

You will find different parts and components in supply for when undertaking parts replacement for your PS4 controller PCB.

Some of the common PS4 controller PCB parts provided are:

  • PCB shoulders
  • PS4 controller PCB motors
  • PCB analog stick plugs
  • Capacitors used for storing charge in electric form and signaled by a C with charge value.
  • Diodes including LEDs employed for restricting electric signal flow in one direction and indicated with a D alongside their value.
  • Integrated circuit chips which are specialized complete circuits carrying functions such as storage.
  • Resistors such as variable resistors vary voltage across a component influencing the function.
  • Transistors are useful in switching signals.

What is the Cost of Manufacturing PS4 Controller PCB?

The cost of manufacturing a PS4 controller PCB varies with various factors with ranges from a few dollars to tens of dollars.

Some of the factors influencing the cost of manufacturing a PS4 controller PCB include the number of components and customization.

You find the number of components in your PS4 controller PCB influences your controller’s features.

For instance, the light features of the PS4 controller PCB are enabled by specially configured light emitting diodes.

Therefore, a PS4 controller with many features will require many components which come at extra manufacturing costs.

Furthermore, these components can have varied capabilities such as a capacitors’ storage capacity enhancing the cost further.

On the other hand, customization involves configuring a PS4 controller PCB to a specific client’s needs.

Customized PS4 controller PCBs cost relatively more than standard PCBs.

How do you Assemble PS4 Controller PCB?

Assembling a PS4 controller PCB takes the following steps:

PS4 PCB controller

 PS4 PCB controller


Stenciling of the PS4 controller PCB involves selective application of solder paste to the circuit board.

The stencil exposes only the areas you need to apply solder paste while concealing the rest of the board surface.

Also, the areas you apply the solder paste during stenciling is where you attach components for the PS4 controller PCB.

The solder paste composes of tin, silver and copper and you employ it with flux which enhances bonding.

Surface Component Placing

After solder paste stenciling, you attach surface components onto the PS4 controller PCB. Robots carefully execute the process precisely locating the components in their respective board positions over the solder paste.

Soldering of the Surface Components

Next in the construction of the PS4 controller PCB is the soldering of the surface components though a reflow process.

The reflow process ensures the permanent attachment of the components to the PCB.

During the reflow process, you pass the PS4 controller PCB through a reflow oven via a conveyer.

The heat in the oven melts the solder adhering to the bottom surface of the components.

Thereafter, a cooling process sets the bond between the component and the circuit board by solidifying the solder.


You inspect the board after the reflow soldering process to establish the functionality of the attached surface components.

During inspection you check for errors and misalignments that can result in shorts which create undesired electrical connection.

You can carry out inspection using a variety of ways including:

Manual and Automatic Optical Inspections

In manual inspection, you physically attempt to identify any errors and misalignments on the board surface.

Manual inspection is only feasible for few boards as it is straining and causes fatigue.

Automatic Optical Inspection employs powerful cameras in the examination of the board and is a fast and efficient option.

Consequently, you can employ AOI when inspecting many PS4 controller PCBs.

Inspeção de Raios X

In this inspection process, you use X-rays which allows you to view through multiple layers of the PS4 controller PCBs.

An X-ray inspection can highlight issues within the board arising from the temperature intensive reflow process.

Inserindo Componentes de Passagem

Some components on the PS4 controller PCB require through-hole insertion which allows the transfer of signal through the board surface.

Consequently, using solder paste is impractical as it flows through the openings.

You can manually solder the components in this case or use an automated approach know as wave soldering.

Wave soldering is however only practical for single sided boards as it involves washing up entire surface with solder paste.

Final Inspection and Testing

The PS4 controller PCB undergoes a final inspection after insertion of through-hole components to determine its overall functionality.

Testing puts the PS4 controller PCB through situations of actual use and establish its response.

Does PS4 Controller PCB Overheat?

The PS4 controller PCB executes many intensive electrical processes resulting in the generation of a considerable amount of heat.

Therefore, like many other electrical devices, you find the PS4 controller PCB furnished with a cooling fan.

The fan safeguards the PS4 controller PCB from overhearing dissipating the heat away. Additionally, the construction of the PS4 controller PCB is such that it reduces heat build-up on the board surface.

How do you Test Quality of PS4 Controller PCB?

Testing of the PS4 controller PCB seeks to evaluate the functioning of different aspects of the board.

You can test the quality of PS4 controller PCBs in the following ways:

Teste em circuito

Here, you power your board and examine individual circuit paths by employing fixed probes furnished in the board’s design.

The probes evaluate the connectivity of the solder joints by pressing against the board surface.

Teste de sonda voadora

The flying-probe test costs much less than in-circuit testing, employing needles attached to a probe to examine the board.

You execute this test on an unpowered board highlighting aspects such as opens, shorts, resistance, capacitance inductance and diode problems.

Teste Burn-In

A burn-in test is intense and seeks to establish the load capacity and chance of failure of the PS4 controller PCB.

You subject your PCB to the maximum specified load for many hours with failure referred to as infant mortality.

Subjecting a PS4 controller PCB to this test is important since a controller is intended for long and intense use.

However, you need to ensure you don’t overly stress the board as it can result in damage.

Testes Funcionais

You can also carry out functional tests on your PS4 controller PCB to determine its eventual performance.

There are several functional tests you can carry out on your board including:

  • Micro-sectioning analysis: You establish PCB defects such as opens, shorts with this test.
  • Solderability test: This test ensures your board surface is appropriate for soldering purpose.
  • Peel test: A peel test seeks to determine the force required to separate the laminate from the surface.
  • Teste de flutuação de solda: This test establishes a board’s hole resistance to thermal stress.
  • PCB contamination testing: Identifies board contaminates in form of ions that can result in issues such as corrosion.

How do you Support PS4 Controller PCB OEM Businesses?

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is an entity that produces goods for use in the production of other goods.

Usually many electronic manufacturers employ OEMs to meet the production of particular components in their appliances.

Support for OEMs varies from providing desired designs for various PS4 controller board aspects to issuing long term contracts.

Furthermore, OEMs can have workstations at the client company to easily address the production needs.

Which Quality Standards should PS4 Controller PCB Conform to?

When manufacturing PS4 controller PCBs, the following standards are employed:


Este padrão informs you on how to handle electronic assemblies from hardware installation to how to make solder connections.


This standard guides you on how to present electrical assemblies with soldered joints to the levels of the IPC-A-610 standard.


The standard describes the expected status of a PS4 controller PCB during inspection.


Where your PS4 controller PCB encompasses cable connections, this standard provides for the acceptable requirements of the cables.


You find this standard essential to the construction of the PS4 controller housing. It determines the manufacturing requirements, inspection overtures and testing procedures for such enclosures.

IPC 7711/7721C

When reworking, repairing or modifying electronic assemblies such as a PS4 controller PCB, you adherer to this standard.


You use this standard to guide testing procedures and functionality checks for your PS4 controller PCB.

For instance, you find a test to determine the PCB substrate’s resistance to current flow.

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