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Keyboard PCB Assembly: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question on keyboard PCB assembly, you will definitely find the answer right here.

This is because this guide covers all information you’re looking for on keyboard PCB assembly.

So, if you want to learn more; read this guide.

What Are The Consideration During Keyboard PCB Assembly?

There is much to consider when during the assembly of the keyboard PCB, some of the core areas to pay attention include the following;

Keyboard PCB assembly

Keyboard PCB Assembly

Constraints Of The Board

They key board constraints that should be looked at are the ones that are associated with the bare board; these constraints include aspects like shape and size of the board.

It is essential to make sure that you are having a board area of the circuit which is adequate for your operations on the PCB.

Factors that determine the how large the board should be are, the end product’s size, the board’s functionality and other related functions.

Hence, it is much important to always estimating the close size of the board before the designing process is yet to begin.

In the occasion you discover that you do not have an adequate size or space for the functionality that is required by the board, you can switch to using a multilayer design.

Commonly, bare boards come in a rectangular shape but in the recent past designers are able to create boards of varying sizes and shapes.

In the event layers are used, it is a critical aspect to consider on the number of layers that you are going to need, the levels of power and the complexity of design.

O processo de fabricação

It is important to put into consideration the most preferred method of manufacture you would like to use during the process of board production.

You should weigh and relate the different manufacturing methods, and choose the most appropriate one since each method has its own limitations and restraints.

You ought to use the points or the reference holes that work with the process of manufacture on the board.

One should ensure that at any time, the holes should be always clear of the components.

Additionally, the mounting method of the board should always be kept in mind as different approaches demand some areas of the board to being left open.

At times, multiple technologies can be used thus they are going to increase the board’s cost but they are essential in some situations.

Componentes e Materiais

The components and materials you are planning to use during the layout phase should also be considered.

The materials and components that are desired, it should be made sure that they are of reach more easily.

Some of the materials and components to be used at times they are out of reach while others are so expensive which makes the process mire inappropriate.

A thorough research should be undertaken to ensure that the right components and materials have been chosen and the designed board will be compatible to the strength of the items.

Order Of Component Placement

You should bare in mind the placement order of components that is illustrated in the PCB design procedures.

The recommended order of components placement is starting with the connectors, circuits of power, precision circuits, then circuits which are critical, then other elements should follow.

Some aspects that influence the routing urgency of a circuit are the noise susceptibility, capability of routing, levels of power and generation.


During the step of component placement, you should consider orienting components that appear similar to each other in the same direction.

By doing that, the process of soldering is made easier and effective.

Also, it leads to elimination of the possible errors that might occur during the soldering process.


It should be taken into consideration not to place any parts on the solder side of the board which will be put behind the through hole parts that are plated.


There should be some good organization as it reduces the assembly steps, it reduces the costs and also it increases the efficiency of the assembly process.

The surface mount components should be put on one side of the board and all the other components of the through hole need to put on the other side.

How Do You Choose Keyboard Assembly Kit?

The following are some of the considerations that one needs to bear in mind when choosing a keyboard assembly kit;

The keyboard kit should offer a wide compatibility.

Keyboard Assembly Kit

Keyboard Assembly Kit

Deve ser fácil de usar.

The keyboard kit should be programmable.

Which Factors Determine Cost Of Keyboard PCB Assembly?

The following are the most impacting factors that determine the cost of a keyboard PCB assembly;

The Quantity Of Boards To Get Assembled

During the assembling process of the keyboard PCBs, the cost is so much deceiving when they are being assembled in smaller quantities.

It is evident that when the boards have been assembled in large volumes, they tend to be cheaper due to the discounts being offered by the manufacture.

Due to the huge discounts, the unit price of the each assembly is going to be down.

Unlike when they are being assembled in small quantities where they are more likely to be quite expensive since the manufacturer does not give or gives minimal discounts.

For the production of smaller quantities, a lot of factors like programming, cost of initial setup and stencil are considered and added on to the final cost.

They make the cost in smaller quantities get high unlike in large quantities where the costs will be insignificant since they are one-time cost.

O tempo de retorno

The cost of assembly of the keyboard PCB also varies on the basis of the turnaround time.

When the turnaround time which a shorter assembly time, it makes the cost of assembly to go high by more than 50% in relation to the normal times of assembly.

In the event some orders are needed urgently, the manufacturer has to keep aside the existing orders and focus more on the orders with a short turnaround time.

For that case, the costs are going to get high as compared to when the manufacturer was to have the work down at their own pace.

Type Of The Technology Used

This is also a factor that is important in the keyboard PCB assembly as it plays a vital role in determining of cost.

The technology used in the assembly process can either be surface mount technology, the through hole technology or both of them combined together.

The surface mount technology is considered to be more affordable as compared to the type of technology since it has a lower set up cost.

With the surface mount technology, it has a degree of automation that is high and also a component density that is high.

Embalagem de peças

Since the electronic components are packaged differently, their pricing also varies.

For instance, a part like the QFNs usually have an assembly cost that is high since they have connections that are electrical beneath them .

This  require higher levels of accuracy during placing and packaging.

Moreover, they require an x-ray inspection to check out on the short circuits between the pins and to also check for the voids.

Therefore, they increase their final costs.

Size of the PCB

The boards sizes are also determine the price of assembly of the keyboard PCB.

Often, the size of a board is usually determined by the number of circuits and connections which are needed to correspond with the device.

Número de camadas

When layers are used, the cost of assembly is going to be high hence their final price.

Also, the layers are different thickness, the thicker the layer, the more costly the assembly process is going to be.

The Hole Sizes

The holes present on the boards are going to directly have an influence on the cost of the board.

More often, the cost is usually determined by the number of the holes on the PCB board as well as the thickness of layers being drilled and also the material being drilled.

In general, it is evident that when the holes to be drilled are many, they require a lot of time hence they are going to make the board cost more.

Additionally, if the holes to be drilled are more challenging in drilling due to the thickness of the material and the tininess of the hole, they are also going to lead to higher costs.

Why Work With Keyboard PCB Assembly Provider In China?

You need to work with the a teclado PCB provider from china due to the following reasons;

The Providers In China Are Affordable

In the worldwide market, this is the country that offers the best prices since they are relatively low as compared to the prices in the other parts of the world.

It does not matter whether you need the PCBs in bulk or you need a single unit of the PCB, you are going to get them at a customized price while at the same time having the desired features.

Therefore, china gives the best PCB products with great prices in the market.


The country is rich in information technology experts hence they are having among the best technicians of the PCB in the world.

The technicians in china have had experience from long ago in handling different types of boards including keyboard PCB.

The expertise does make sure that the desired board is not only met but also meets the market standards thus making it worth your money and investment.

From a single layered PCB  to a 26 layered PCB, they are achievable in china as the expertise are going to handle such due to their wide scale levels of experience.

Moreover, finishing of the boards is mostly customized hence they are going to come in different colors according to your desire.


Since the country has well developed plants for production, speed becomes a priority in delivering the PCBs hence they take a very short time.

The keyboard PCB designs are already automated with simulation tools that are already highly sophisticated.

Also, intense testing is involved thus making the board more reliable when serving its intended purposes.

There Is Sustained Support

Throughout the stages of production, support is provided.

The country has a support framework that is more advanced thus enabling the carrying out of advanced tests on the boards before their mass production.

Through doing that, the incidences where the boards are not functioning properly are reduced close to none.

Lastly, the experts in the country and at the place of manufacture also do advice on the great features that will lead to cost reduction and better performance.

Radical Features

Having your keyboard PCB manufactured in china, you are going to experience advanced features on your items.

The most likely features you are going to experience on the PCB include heavy copper use, thin spaces, hole sizes that are minute, multiple layers and much more.

The boards can be made to come in different variations ranging from thin to thick as well as small to large sizes.

Boards from this country are able to meet the present day need in technology.

Qualidade garantida

PCBs from china are well guaranteed of ultimate quality since they undergo a lot of testing just to determine their functionality.

They meet the set standards which have been put in place by authorities all over the world plus they have relevant certifications to show that they conform.

Therefore, the PCBs quality is guaranteed when working with manufacturers from china.

Which Technique Will You Use During Keyboard PCB Assembly?

The following are the techniques that can be used during the keyboard PCB assembly;

Surface Mount Technology In Keyboard PCB Assembly

This is a type of method that involves electrical component placement by directly mounting them on the PCBs surface.

The electrical components that are mounted directly onto the surface of the POCB are known as the surface mount devices.

Examples of the surface mount devices include the following; circuits that are integrated, diodes and transistors.

Surface Mount Technology Benefits

The technology allows for soldering and production that is automated which in return saves time and allows for a circuit that is more consistent.

When it comes to holes, fewer hole are needed to be drilled on the board.

A SMT is less costly as compared to the through hole technology.

Component placement can take place on any side of the board.

Under shake and vibration conditions, there is better performance.

There is a higher component density.

The surface mount technology components are smaller in size.

Surface Mount Technology Limitations

The technology is more unsuitable for the components that require frequent connecting and disconnecting.

There is difficulty in repair due to the small component sizes.

Parts that use high power are unsuitable when it comes to this type of technology.

Through Hole Technology In Keyboard PCB Assembly

This technology entails the mounting of components through placing their leads in the holes that are drilled on the bare PCB and thereafter soldered to the opposite side pads.

The process can be attained through automated insertion machineries or the manual assembly.

Benefits Of The Through Hole Assembly

The created bond that is between the board and the components are stronger thus enabling the PCB to go through stress and harsh environmental conditions without being affected.

Also, the technology is great for testing and prototyping since the components can be easily swapped out.

 Limitations Of The Through Hole Technology

Através da tecnologia do furo is time consuming and expensive since the PCBs should be pre drilled to be able to fit in the leads of the components.

With this process, components are restricted to only side thus limiting the area that is available for routing on multi layered boards.

Also, the solder points in this technology are unreliable.

The technology is so much expensive as it is too much involving.

Mixed Technology In Keyboard PCB Assembly

This is an assembly that involves the use of both the surface mount technology and through hole technology on the same PCB.

Mixed Assembly Advantages

Reduced production costs.

Improved board efficiency

Limitations Of Mixed Assembly


What Does Keyboard PCB Design Involve?

The keyboard PCB design involves the following;


Qualidade PCB

compatibilidade de software

Size and the layout of the keyboard

Why Use Turnkey Keyboard PCB Assembly Service?

The turnkey keyboard PCB assembly is used because the supplier is going to take care of the aspects of the project that include purchasing of components, parts procurement and manufacturing.

tunkey keyboard PCB assembly

Tunkey Keyboard PCB Assembly

How Do You Control Quality During Keyboard PCB Assembly Process?

The following are the ways in which quality is controlled during the PCB assembly service;

Visual Tests

When the assembly has been done I n low volumes, someone needs to visually inspect the assembly to ensure the quality check.

It is preferred that someone who did the assembly should look at the connection using their eyes to note if there is a problem or not.

Use Of In Circuit Tests

Here, the in capacitance test is used which involves different methods of inspection that comprise of the fixtureless and the bed of nails.

The fixtureless testing is responsible for sending probes that are machine operated across the printed circuit board to check the points of tests at breakneck speeds.

The bed of testing is used to measure resistance of the board as it has some pins that are used to press in various test points.


The inspectors can use gadgets like the magnifying glasses to achieve an enlarged view of the PCBs components.

Also, microscopes can be used which are going to illustrate the connections onto a bigger screen for an inspection that is detailed.

Optical Inspection That Is Automated

The systems are there in both grades that are commercial and cheap.

Also, the commercial grades use cameras that are of high quality in the light reflection in order to check for the quality of solder and the faults in connection.

The cheap grade uses the cheap webcams to compare the PCB webcam, images for any type of fault or defects.

How Do You Choose Material For Keyboard PCB Assembly?

Materials for the keyboard PCB assembly are properly chosen by bearing the following factors in mind;

Confiabilidade Térmica

Since the assembly involves various stages where the materials should be soldered under varying temperature, therefore, the chosen material should withstand the temperature variations.

Also, the board should have the ability to function well at the anticipated temperatures.

Chosen Material Should Withstand Stress

The PCB chosen should be able to withstand stress.


The chosen PCB should be flexible when using, safe and affordable at the same time.


When doing a cost evaluation of the PCB, the cost of the PCB should match the functionality you are expecting it to deliver.

How Long Does Complete Keyboard PCB Assembly Take?

Depending on the technicality and complexity of the design, the keyboard PCB assembly might take a week to months for the assembly process to be completed.

Complete Keyboard PCB Assembly

Keyboard PCB Assembly

Is There MOQ For Keyboard PCB Assembly?

Yes, there is an MOQ for the keyboard PCB assembly.

How Can You Reduce Cost Of Keyboard PCB Assembly?

The ways below, can be used to reduce the cost of the keyboard PCB assembly;

  • Avoiding to single source components thus you need to have a multiple component option which gives a better accessibility of parts when it comes to distribution.
  • You should always try to preserve the panelization of the needs of the manufacturer to being flexible.
  • A process that qualifies sources that are of low cost should be set between the purchasing sections and the engineering of design departments.

The departments should together as there conflicting might lead to the process being impede.

One of the solutions to that can be setting up a committee that its main objective is about reduction of material cost.

Are There Limitations Of Turnkey Keyboard PCB Assembly?

Yes, there are limitations of the turnkey keyboard PCB assembly; some of the limitations include the following;

During its manufacture, it demands the use of dangerous chemicals that might lead to the occurrence of natural disasters.

At times, technical facility issues are witnessed which are more costly in the event they have occurred.

They come with a lot of legal issues from the government authorities.

Why Is Design For Manufacturability (DFM) Critical In Keyboard PCB Assembly?

The DFM is critical in this point because of the following reasons;

The DFM improves the functions of manufacturing such as assembly, procurement, fabrication, service, repair, shipping and much more.

The DFM also assures the best quality, reliability, cost, safety and satisfaction of the customer.

What Does Design For Testing (DFT) Imply In Keyboard PCB Assembly?

It implies to the process of improving the operational design through addition of features like points of testing thus enhancing the PCBs functionality.

How Can You Drill Holes In Keyboard PCB Assembly?

The following ways can be used to drill holes;

Mechanical Drilling Keyboard PCB

This kind of drilling on the keyboard PCB employs the use of a drill bit which drills through the material.

Its greatest advantage is that it drills consistent and high quality holes despite the number of holes that should be drilled, also, it is fast in drilling.

mechanical drilling keyboard PCB

Mechanical Drilling Keyboard PCB

The limitation is that, the drill bits might break when drilling tiny holes in a material that has high trace densities.

Laser Drilling Keyboard PCB

A machine with a laser beam that is of high density is relied upon to drill a hole into the PCB material.

The advantage is that the machine drilling can go through large range of materials with a wide variety of diameters.

The limitation is that, it is difficult in achieving the correct depths and also it carbonizes the edges it has cut.

Why Are Prototypes Important Before Keyboard PCB Assembly?

They are of importance as they eliminate or minimize the rate of defects during large volume production.

What Are The Key Stages During Keyboard PCB Assembly Process?

The key stages include;

Pasta de solda

Picking and placing of components

De solda



Which Quality Standards Should Keyboard PCB Assembly Comply With?




How Does Rigid Keyboard PCB Assembly Compare To Flexible Keyboard PCB Assembly?

When it comes to rigid, they cannot get bent to fit into the designated system while the flexible ones are able to be multiple times to fit into the designated systems.

flexible keyboard PCB assembly

Flexible Keyboard PCB Assembly

On cost, rigid keyboard PCB is less costly as compared to the flexible one.

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